About Us


Being certified "Toxic Free" means that the ingredients used in our product formulations have been verified they are in fact safe and nontoxic to both human health and the environment. 

Australian Made

Our company’s core value is to ensure we only use pure Australian grown ingredients which are acquired through Fair Trade, Community sourced, & eco-sustainable practices. 


Being licensed with "Choose Cruelty-Free" certifies us that we do not sell products that have been tested on animals and that our products do not contain cruelty derived ingredients.


Our packaging products are manufactured in Australia using either recycled paper, rejected timber from the Tasmania mills, and recyclable jars & bottles from Melbourne. We choose suppliers who implement eco-savvy business practices.  

Lisa Carroll, Founder of NATIVE EXTRACTS

Our skincare ingredients:

We have researched extensively to ensure all our oils & waxes are Australian grown, organic where possible and of the highest quality. This has resulted in a carefully hand-selected collection of ingredients which have been chosen for their specific healing properties. The extraction method used for our oils is unique to the team of researchers who have worked to achieve maximum benefits from the Australian seed oils. 

Just as the Lotus (SUTOL is Lotus spelt backwards) flower emerges from the murky waters to bloom into the most beautiful flower, so too will your damaged skin find new life from its present condition.


 TENCEL Fibres are softer than silk!

Since the textile has a smooth surface, the softness is appreciable and prevents irritations to the skin. Thus, TENCEL® fibres promote an optimal skin feeling thanks to the smooth fibre surface. Rough fibre surfaces can cause skin irritations. Compared to the fibre surfaces of cotton and wool, it is clear that TENCEL® fibres are much smoother and softer on the skin.

Our skincare products are pure nourishment & our ECO-Threads range is both environmentally friendly & gentle on the skin, which encapsulates our motto; "Healthy Focus Skincare".


Pamela Hunter,