Ancient Recipe

The history of Indigenous Australians is thought to have spanned 30,000 to 45,000 years ago, in which they are considered one of the most ancient races in the world. In Indigenous Australian’s, plants physically provided people with the means for making food and medicine. The plants were prepared as remedies in a number of ways, such as the leafy branches were often placed over a fire while the patient squatted on top and inhaled the steam.  To make an infusion, leaves or bark were crushed and soaked in water, which was then drunk or washed over the body. 

Ointments were prepared by mixing crushed leaves with animal fat. Other external treatment included rubbing down the patient with crushed seed paste, fruit pulp or animal oil and rubbing the solution over them. In traditional Aboriginal culture, the concept of healing an individual was through the natural environment using bush medicine.

At SUTOL Organic's we have taken the same approach with our formula's to combine the jelly bush bees wax with pure wild harvested native botanical oils, cold pressed oils and essential oils, which repair and nourish your skin.


Natures Itch Relief

KUNZEA Ointment

Hydrating Moisturizer


It’s not just the dramatic geographic diversity and unique raw beauty of this country that moves us, but it’s also the mysterious and ancient cultural history of our indigenous inhabitants, the Australian Aborigines. This respect and protection for the land, animals and plant life was not just an environmental platitude to the Aboriginal people, but was essential to sustainable living practices and survival for thousands of years. 

Our wild harvested Australian extract oils are produced by "Native Extracts" who have the largest library of Australian botanical extracts. They go beyond delivering purity, potency and deliver the highest quality extracts sourced from the best, unique raw materials found in nature. They are committed to corporate and social responsibility, positive environmental practices and undertake initiatives to support the development of new primary industry markets by empowerment of growers and indigenous communities working with their Bio-prospectors.