(Jacky M - Gold Coast)

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your Hydrating moisturiser has been on my scar. Recent op cut thru my old scar (10cm) as soon as my stitches were out I used your ointment - well my scar healed beautifully and has never looked/felt so good. 


(Belinda H - Tasmania)

I have purchased both the Hydrating moisturiser and the Kunzea healing balm and am delighted with both of these products.  I have always had sensitive skin but had been experiencing dry, itchy areas and sore eyelids of all things - that had become flaky. After using these products - and the moisturiser twice a day - I love it, my symptoms have improved and it has made my skin feel wonderful. Thank you Sutol ! Oh, and the coconut cream hand lotion is another treat and smells yum!


(Annelise M - Gold Coast Qld)

I can't express how my skin has improved, to the point that my skin feels normal again. Thank you so much for creating a product that doesn't sting my really sensitive skin but also heals. I have tried other products, even the other supposedly natural ones but they would always sting and make me want to stop using their product. The Nourish and Repair Oil is soothing and the Kunzea Ointment puts moisture back into my skin. I have my younger son also using the Kunzea Ointment, as he was also suffering from really dry skin. He has seen remarkable results too and will be ordering another tub from you. Thank you again, Annelise


(Donna W - Gold Coast Qld)

I now have in my possession two items from the beautiful SUTOL range - the coconut cream hand & body lotion and the natures itch relief.  Not only do I adore how delicious these smell, but they are so kind on my super sensitive skin.  It's easy to see the love and care that has gone into creating these products too - Pamela is a gem and so very passionate about helping others overcome their skin issues.

(Jenny W - Perth WA)

Amazing products.  Nourish and Repair Oil fantastic for dry skin I use it every day now have the smoothest skin. Also bought the oil as a present my girlfriend she finds it simply awesome we will both be ordering more.  Thanks SUTOL fantastic products!

(Emma B - Sydney NSW)

It's not an understatement to say you've improved our lives, and I am so very grateful to you. Your products have made the most wonderful difference to my daughters eczema.  Her skin is no longer feeling anywhere near so dry, and she's not had a single flare-up since I started using it on her!  And this with a week in the Whitsundays, exposing her to daily salt and chlorine! She tells me that her skin doesn't feel itchy anymore, and I see a daily improvement.  It's overwhelming after 4 years of distress.  Thank you so much. The boys are in love with the Kunzea Ointment, and as they're are usually covered in scrapes and bruises, I've just let them go ahead and dab it on each night.  Putting it on their temples is the last step in our bed-time ritual!  We will continue to use everything in combination for now, and I know already I will never be without the Hydrating Moisturizer and the Kunza Ointment. 

(Jennifer B  - Sydney NSW)

I am using your products for a few months now and they are amazing.  I am very happy with how it has improved and clear my skin. Highly recommend anybody to purchase this amazing products.

(Jacqueline M - Gold Coast Qld)

The first product I tried was Natures Itch Relief - I had an extremely itchy scalp, I switched shampoos to no avail & eventually went to my Dr.  He gave me a script for a cream, but it did nothing.  When I used Natures Itch Relief, within hours the itch started to calm down and days later was pretty much gone!  It was truly amazing.  Now I use it on my hands and feet & on cuts & bruises.  I am so addicted to the smell, it's just an awesome product.

(Jodie M - Gold Coast Qld)

I have been using SUTOL Organic Skincare products for some weeks now and I must say they have been wonderful.  My skin has felt much better overall.  I also applied the moisturizer to some wounds I had from a fall and I must say it healed quickly and left no scaring.  Thank you for such a wonderful product that works!

(Simone B - Sydney NSW)

Sutol Organic Skincare is amazing!!  The best thing is that it is all natural, organic, completely Australian Made and animal cruelty free! My whole family is using the product range.  Natures Itch Relief truly leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and blemish free.  I love it!

(Cher T - Gold Coast)

I am using the Hydrating Moisturizer and I love how my skin feels.  I have gone from dried out winter skin to glowing.  It is my new favourite. Highly recommend.

(Shae B  - Gold Coast Qld)

OMG I've been using the Hydrating Moisturizer every night last week and worked up the courage to wear under my makeup today and WOW, I LOVE IT!  My skin is looking and feeing fantastic! THANK YOU so much for your dedication towards beautiful skin and pure Australian products! 

(Simone B - Sydney NSW)

My Sutol Coconut Hand and Body Cream was received in 1 day of order! Packaged beautifully.  It smells and feels amazing on the skin.  Also love my complimentary lip balm which has such a beautiful aroma of Kunzea oil.  Wonderful!  Thank you Pamela.