Uses for the products

Our products are both emollients (balms) & creams. Hand selected ingredients have been chosen for their healing properties. These pure oils will penetrate deeply into your skin, to give you optimum nourishment.

Our emollients (also known as a balms, salves and ointments) are a humectant, lubricant and occluder. Occlusion provides a layer of oil on the skin's surface, thus slowing down water loss. A humectant enhances the surface of the skin's capacity to hold water. A lubricant reduces friction when anything rubs against the skin. Emollients keep the skin moist and supple by providing a protective film.

Our emollients/balms have a very high natural oil ratio combined with beeswax and as no water is added to this formula they are preservative free. They are also a thick consistency so a little goes a long way whilst deeply nourishing the skin.

Creams and lotions both have a high water content and low oil content, therefore they both require a preservative to be added to the formula. This is why creams and lotions are absorbed quickly into the skin whereas the emollients will deeply penetrate giving optimum nourishment to your skin. We use Optiphen Plus preservative in our creams and lotions which are Paraben and Formaldehyde Free.


  • Eczema/Hives
  • Heat Rash
  • Shaver’s rash
  • Feet
  • Insect bites
  • Gardeners
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Dry, rough skin
  • Itchy scalps
  • Mild tinea

Natures Itch Relief (balm)

Natures Itch Relief is a natural emollient. This balm will reduce the inflammation and give relief to the constant itch associated with hives, eczema, heat rash, insect bites, plant scratches etc.  It will then leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and nourished and the bees wax will act as a barrier, especially to broken skin to reduce infections occurring. Use as required but allow it to be absorbed into the skin before applying clothing. If applied to face, avoid eye area. For external use only. It is not recommended for children under 10 years as Eucalyptus essential oils are in the formula; this is a precautionary measure and we recommend you seek medical advice before applying if you are concerned.  We do recommend to use our KUNZEA ointment which is recommended for all ages and can be used daily on problematic skin as listed.


  • Overnight deep moisturizer
  • Soften callused dry feet 
  • Eliminate sharp cuticles 
  • Reduce diaper rash 
  • Protection from chafing
  • Reduces hair static
  • Control wild eyebrows 
  • Perfect after sun care
  • After shave moisturiser

Hydrating moisturizer (balm)

Because these products are a solidified oil based product made with Australian extract plant oils, you will see the best results when using the Hydrating Moisturizer by taking a small amount and rub between your fingertips gently and then apply to face, lips and neck area.  This can be done as a nightly treatment or, if your applying make-up afterwards allow around 15 minutes for the delicate oils to be absorbed into your skin allowing ultimate penetration for pure nourishment to occur.  Arms, elbows and legs can have the balm applied directly onto the skin for a deep nourishing treatment, but also allow 10 - 15 minutes before applying clothing so you receive the full benefit of the pure oils nourishing your skin.

  • Apply to inflamed skin 
  • Relieves the sting from minor insect bites 
  • Suitable for young children
  • Soothes raw skin 
  • For the temporary relief of the pain of arthritis 

KUNZEA  healing (balm)

Has the exact same pure Australian oils as "Natures Itch Relief" but without the Eucalyptus Essential Oils, as these can be sensitive to children under the age of 10.  The Kunzea Healing Balm has a slight pine aroma and is gentle enough to apply to sensitive skin. Kunzea essential oil has given relief of the pain associated with arthritis and rheumatism; relief of the symptoms of influenza; relief of muscular aches and pains; helps relieve nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety, as noted under the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Act).

  • Daily face moisturizer 
  • Non-heavy cream
  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • No synthetic fragrances

Nourish & Hydrate Face Cream -(buddha wood & lemon myrtle Essential oils)

A soothing daily face moisturizer with a pure mix of native extracts & cold pressed oils that have been infused with a slight aromatic aroma of Buddha Wood essential oil, known for being exceptionally earthy, and a subtle hint of the invigorating freshness of Lemon Myrtle essential oil.  A delicate moisturizer to nourish even the most sensitive skin.

  • Relief from constant washing.
  • Nourishes dry hands
  • Relieves dry itchy skin
  • Softens dry heals
  • Silky feeling legs after shaving
  • Vegan friendly
  • Paraben & Formaldehyde Free

Coconut Hand & Body Lotion, and  Buddha Wood & Lemon Myrtle Hand & Body Lotion

These silky soft hand & body lotions leave nothing but softness… no greasiness and it takes only moments to penetrate deeply into the skin to sooth dry skin.  

The delicate aroma of coconut cream arouses the senses of the tropics. The Buddha Wood body lotion has no fragrance added, just the pure aromatic sents of the Buddha Wood & Lemon Myrtle essential oils. 

​Apply either lotions to arms & legs for an all over silky body moisturiser.

  • Face & body oil
  • Hydrates & nourishes skin
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Make-up remover
  • Assists with healing of scars
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Vegan friendly

nourish & repair oil

A combination of exotic Australian Native Extract oils, cold pressed Australian grown oils and just a subtle hint of Lemon Myrtle Essential oil. This concentrated formula is ideal to use as a quick absorbing nourishing and moisturizing face & body oil.  It is subtle enough to assist with the healing process of the skin after stitches have been removed and if used daily during pregnancy it will keep the skin nourished and hydrated and therefore assist in preventing stretch marks. Nourish & Repair Oil is safe to use on any minor dry skin areas as the oils gently nourish and the hint of Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil is highly anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal. 

  • Daily use foot cream
  • Relief to hot, sore feet
  • Light cream consistancy
  • Vegan friendly
  • No synthetic perfumes used
  • Refreshing aromas of Peppermint & Blue Gum Australian essential oils

peppermint & blue gum foot cream

Sooth tired feet and rejuvenate them with this refreshing daily foot cream, full of native extract seed oils wild-harvested from the Australian rainforests and the vast arid plains. Embark on the refreshing aroma of the cool peppermint gum essential oil and the distinctive notes of the eucalyptus blue gum to calm and sooth both body and mind.

  • Deep nourishing balm
  • Use at night
  • Rejuvenate dry, rough feet
  • Invigrating aroma
  • Smoothes skin on the heals
  • Moisturizers between toes
  • Assists to reduce tinea

Rejuventation Foot Balm

A deep nourishing balm that is best used nightly so it can penetrate and nourish dry and rough skin on the heals. The refreshing aroma of the cool peppermint gum essential oil and the distinctive notes of the eucalyptus blue gum will rejuvenate your dry skin and assist in repairing the rough skin on your heels. 

  • Spa treatment foot soak
  • Use in bath or a foot bowl
  • Epsom & Sea-salt crystals infused with Peppermint & Blue Gum essential oils

Soothing Foot Spa  Salts

Sooth tired feet with our spa sea salts. Just add them to warm water either using a bath or bowl and sprinkle 1/2 the packet into the water and soak for around 10 -15 minutes.  Our 200gram packet gives you two foot spas.  

Dry your feet well and give them a total spa treatment using either our Peppermint & Blue Gum Foot Cream or, Rejunvenating Foot Balm.​